The Issues

1. Communication
2. Traffic/Parking
3. Utility Taxes



It is important to me, that I make myself as accessible to the people I represent as possible. You can email me, text, call, etc. I am here to represent you! If you choose to listen to your friends and not your neighbors,  you see what can happen.






























































IMPARK is contractually obligated to perform parking enforcement within Bremerton. We deserve, as taxpayers, that the contract be fulfilled. They are not doing this.





























The current administration continues to use the Utility Tax as a generator for the City of Bremerton, which harms the taxpayer. Every $0.30 cents on the dollar is TAX paid to the City of Bremerton. This needs to stop! The current administration has voted to raise taxs EVERY year since 2017.

Michael Goodnow on podcasts in 2019, "Not something I usually do."

Michael Goodnow on podcasts in 2020, hosted a podcast in a quarantined theatre during pandemic. 

Summer 2020
I protested outside Councilman Goodnow's home for 17 days. He stood in his window and would look at me, but he would never come out and talk. He told the public he was working with the DA Office to shut down my one man protest.