Matthew Adams 



City Council

District 5

I'm a regular guy.

As a lifetime resident of Kitsap County, the 5th generation of my family to work at PSNS, the 3rd generation to graduate from CKHS, my roots in this community are deep. 

I served in the US Army during the Invasion of Iraq in 2003 and deployed to Afghanistan in 2005.

You deserve to be represented by someone who recognizes your value by listening and communicating with you. As your council member, I shall produce an email newsletter providing you with current council activities. I shall hold town hall meetings where you can openly communicate issues of concern and provide input on future and pending legislation. 

I understand the struggles of people in District 5. I pledge to address the various issues of concern like housing, street parking, utility taxes, and others. As someone raising a family of my own, I know there are many out there who have struggled with these and other issues. This last year has been particularly challenging for everyone. I offer you my leadership and representation to help provide the citizens of Bremerton the quality of life we all deserve. 

The American Dream is real, and it is achievable.




-Matthew Adams